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JT is the founder of JT Write Inc. He is a freelance writer available for hire to produce content for your personal or business blog. A master practitioner of bloggery, his skills provide many benefits. He is always interested in networking and discussing new possibilities.

Modern SEO

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is an important, and increasingly tricky, part of web design and marketing in today's online business world. A business almost can't exist in today's market without some sort of presence on the web. If clients and customers don't see, or can't find, a company's web site, that's just as bad as not having [...]

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Empire Series Synopsis

The FOX network series Empire centers around Lucious Lyon, a hip-hop artist and CEO of Empire Entertainment. After a medical diagnosis informs him that he will most likely be incapacitated within three years, his struggle begins. Lucious must not only fight to keep his Empire together, but to keep his family from falling apart, as he tries to find an [...]

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