Top tweets on TwitterI post to Twitter all throughout the day, every day. I share interesting news and articles I find on just about every aspect of marketing, SEO, blogging and WordPress.

Each day I comb through more than 400 RSS feeds and thousands of articles to find what I believe to be the best and most relevant articles to share with my friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are my top 5 tweets from the past week. Out of everything I shared, these are the tweets that got the biggest response from my followers. We’ve got some great articles on SEO, social media, analytics and more. Check them out and follow me on Twitter for more.

Number Five – The 10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Neil Patel over at The Daily Egg gives us a stupendous list of ten absolutely free keyword research tools. As he states himself, there’s no trials, no freemiums, just 100% free to use keyword tools that can help you to get your startup moving without spending a dime. There’s a reason Neil is known as one of the best. Any list of just about anything coming from him is worth checking out. Hit the link below to view his post.

Number Four – 4 Simple Ways To Get More Out Of LinkedIn

Candice Galek put together a great post on Social Media Today revealing a short but powerful list of tips to get the most out of your time on LinkedIn. She has some great ideas on how to get your own content seen on the uniquely professional social site, as well as taking your LinkedIn profile a step above being just a glorified electronic resume.

Number Three – 6 Ways To Reduce Bot Influence On Marketing Analytics

Deren Baker put up a great article at SEMRush explaining what you can do to clean bot tracks out of your analytics and be sure you’re seeing things as they really are. Whether it’s legitimate search crawlers or mischievous site scanners, bots can skew your analytics and have you chasing ghosts if you don’t know what to watch out for. This one is well worth reading, especially if you’ve noticed some anomalies in your stats.

Number Two – A Marketer’s Guide To Content Curation

Pawan Deshpande penned a great piece on Convince & Convert explaining how to incorporate content curation into your marketing strategies. He does a great job of breaking the concept down into a nice neat five step process that ends with some great tips for analyzing the outcome of your efforts. If you’re looking for a way to augment your content marketing initiatives, this is a great place to learn how to put a plan together.

Number One – 8 Ways To Nurture Leads Using Social Media

Janet Miller gives us 8 different ways to use social media to the fullest when going for the endgame and trying to convert good leads into full-fledged customers. She gives some great tips on all aspects of the game such as content to share through social media, account management, and how to interact with your audience. Tip number 8 will definitely help you grow your following. Hit the link below to go to Janet’s post.


And so there you have my top five tweets of the week. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to get plenty more tweets like these. And if you’re interested in growing your own Twitter following, check out How To Grow A Twitter Following: The Definitive Guide.