The FOX network series Empire centers around Lucious Lyon, a hip-hop artist and CEO of Empire Entertainment. After a medical diagnosis informs him that he will most likely be incapacitated within three years, his struggle begins. Lucious must not only fight to keep his Empire together, but to keep his family from falling apart, as he tries to find an heir to his throne among his three sons. The three each have their own unique advantages and drawbacks. None of them is the perfect fit that Lucious is hoping for. To further complicate things, his ex-wife, Cookie, wants her share of the family business as well, and she’s prepared to fight for it. Mixed with the problems of fame, sex and drugs, the series paints an ever changing picture of cut-throat business, family loyalties, and sinister betrayals. Will Lucious be able to keep his empire together without sacrificing his family to do it?