7 Big Blog Content Buying Mistakes

While it might seem like some bloggers and content marketers have bionic abilities when it comes to publishing content on their blogs, the truth is that most of the seemingly prolific writers out there aren't really writing at all. In fact, many of the "how to make a successful blog" guides published by well-known authors actually suggest that the first [...]

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How To Grow A Twitter Following: The Definitive Guide

Twitter can be a great place for networking, marketing and even just goofing off. The problem for most people is gathering a good sized following to network, market, and goof off with. There are plenty of people and websites that promise thousands of followers for a price, but, if they manage to deliver followers at all, they usually don’t have [...]

5 Reasons Everyone Hates You

When it comes to what a web surfer is going to find attractive, interesting or valuable, there is no shortage of discussion and opinions on exactly what works or the best way to present it. You can ask a hundred different people what they think and you will get a hundred different answers; all of them, of course, correct. One [...]

The Zen of True Bloggery

The three of these things, when brought together correctly, are worth much more than the sum of their parts. Collectively, they can educate, engage and entertain. They can change minds, build trust and bring about relationships. Interdependent and intertwined, they work together to make something extremely powerful, yet very delicate. In the right hands, they can bring dreams to life. [...]

Taking Aim At Multiple Targets

The single most important part of content marketing is knowing your audience, or more specifically, your target audience. Everything that is created as part of a content initiative needs to be developed with the target audience in mind. Sometimes though, the question is not whether or not you know your audience, but whether or not you’ve realized that you have [...]