I have been, quite happily, playing with and evaluating the KickPro system for about 1 month now. I have to say that if I had to describe the system with just one word overall, that word would be “impressive”. I was impressed with the look of the components as they came out of the box, and have remained impressed with the quality of sound the system provides since I first plugged everything in and began irritating my neighbors with a constant mixture of obnoxiously loud music and action movie gunfire and explosions.

To begin, the look of the system is great. The speakers and console all have an ultramodern, sleek design. Right from the start, you get the feeling that everything is solid, high quality, and about to knock your socks off. The system will certainly add to the visual appeal of any room where it is installed.

As far as technology goes, the KickPro will cover anything you might need. There are both wired and wireless inputs so you can pump your sound through it from any source. There are analog and HDMI inputs to allow you to hook up your computer, TV or digital video player. Backing that up, you’ve got wi-fi and bluetooth options as well, allowing you to stream sound from your computer, your phone, your MP3 player or even other devices. You’ll be able to boost the sound for any device you have now as well as any device you might buy in the conceivable future.

Last, and obviously the most important part of any sound system, the sound. I don’t think it gets any better. The subwoofer provides amazingly deep and clear bass. Whether you’re looking for booming, thumping drum tones, or you just want to feel your favorite action movie in your chest, you will be beyond satisfied. The volume seems limitless. You will not only shake the walls and rattle your windows, you might just have to buy some replacements for your neighbors as well. And best of all, there is no distortion at high volume. Everything is crisp and clear through the entire range from relaxing whisper to thunderous noise.

I would recommend the KickPro system to absolutely anyone. It does what it’s supposed to do exceedingly well. It truly is an all-in-one sound system solution. The sound is outstanding for music or movies, and it’s so seamlessly usable with all modern electronics. It would certainly be hard to top this system for any audio aficionado.